Monday, January 4, 2010

Star Tribune - Top Local Albums 2009


1. P.O.S., "Never Better" 178

2. Lookbook, "Wild at Heart" 128

3. Red Pens, "Reasons" 90

4. Twilight Hours, "Stereo Night" 78

5. Brother Ali, "Us" 72

6. The Pines, "Tremolo" 64

7. Vampire Hands, "Hannah in the Mansion" 60

8. The Evening Rig, "Is Doin' Stuff" 54

9. Gay Witch Abortion, "Maverick" 48

10. (tie) Idle Hands, "The Hearts We Broke on the Way to the Show" 42

Nancy Harms, "In the Indigo"

Joey Ryan & the Inks, "Well, Here We Are Then"

8. THE EVENING RIG, "IS DOIN' STUFF" Does Minneapolis really need another semi-twangy, beer-swilling, two-guitar rock band heavily inspired by the Replacements? Color us extra impressed that this quartet found fresh ground in the town's most overtread musical territory. Leading the way for its sophomore disc was the high-revving opening track, "The Steve McQueens," about girls who only fall for manly men. (54)

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