Wednesday, December 1, 1999

Shredding Paper review of Hidden Chord 7"

Review of The Hidden Chord "Identity" b/w "Soundtrack to Murder" 7" from Shredding Paper #4:

HC remind me a bit of Television with their jerky melodies, although it's rough edged punk music. It's definitely rockin, and Prisonshake is another band that comes to mind. This is rock n' roll of a high caliber from a band I think we'll be hearing a lot more from. (Mel)

Thursday, August 5, 1999

Skyscraper reviews Sean Na Na/Lucky Jeremy 7"

A review of the very first Heart of a Champion release, published in Skyscraper #6 (Summer 1999):

Sean Na Na is the alias that Calvin Krime's Sean Tillmann has chosen for his solo efforts. And with Sean Na Na, Tillmann has taken a casual and dreamy indie-folk pop style with a bashfully melodic, uplifting direction. His songs are tender and playful, not incredibly morose nor melancholy. A cross between the sincere and the humorous. "Rising Stars," on his split with Lucky Jeremy, is another melodic, uptempo song that flirts with sadness by way of delicate vocals and some prominent tom-heavy drumming. Lucky Jeremy's "Little Fishies" is a quiet song with vocals sung in a near whisper and redundantly strummed acoustic guitar. Feeble pop songs from frail young men. (AB)