Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Evening Rig - Photos from Triple Rock

Photo credit: Leslie Plesser

Thanks to Leslie Plesser and her amazing site:

Ms. Plesser was able to get some great shots of The Evening Rig and The 4onthefloor when they played at the Triple Rock on 1/3/11. Check 'em out here.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Scene Point Blank - The Bombay Sweets Review

Thanks to Scene Point Blank for a great write up on The Bombay Sweets. Check it out below:

Doin' the Jerk at Dawn


Bombay Sweets is a Minneapolis band consisting of Nathan Grumdahl (Selby Tigers,Dynamiters) and drummer Jeff Brown (His Mischief). Although the project has expanded beyond Grumdahl’s one-man-band vision, it remains his lovechild. Even with multiple instruments at play, the primary components remain Grumdahl’s guitar and voice. The project is heavily steeped in old 60s records, with R&B-derived rock at its center. Grumdahl’s voice comes across as clear and smooth with a touch of world-weariness and something of a sensual tone, giving a soothing tone that accentuates the melody without distracting from the musical swagger.

The A-side, “Doin’ the Jerk at Dawn” is a 60s-influenced jam with a soothing delivery that, despite its pleasantries, is also unmistakably rock’n’roll. The distortion-heavy guitars find some big hooks, and Grumdahl’s plays this to his advantage, busting out a quick but memorable refrain. The limited instrumentation and lack of any backing vocals gives it a personal, restrained air.

The B-side, “Breath Control,” starts out with some big guitar swagger that quickly morphs into a King Khan and BBQ Show-styled simplicity. It’s predominantly guitar, but Brown’s drums provide a minimal structure to adhere to. It’s a garage rock song that hits all the best elements of the genre: it recalls cliché without actually being one, instead coming across as new in sound with a bouncing, memorable melody derived from repetition of the chorus.

While the pacing differs from his other bands, Bombay Sweets still draws from many of the same influences—this time, though, Grumdahl is emphasizing the softer, melodic side. And he does so without feeling derivative.

8.5 / 10
by Loren on Monday 17th January 2011

Monday, January 17, 2011

Evening Rig - Palmer's Bar 1/20/11


This is a great picture for many reasons and two come to mind:

1. The Evening Rig will be playing at Palmer's Bar on Thursday, Jan 20 w/ The 4onthefloor AND
2. This picture of Palmer's Bar shows no signs of snow

Palmer's Bar
500 S. Cedar Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55454

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Evening Rig Show + The 4onthefloor

The Evening Rig and The 4onthefloor
Triple Rock Social Club
Monday, Jan 3
21+ $3

"Nostalgia remains one of the most powerful forces in rock—a fact Twin Cities combo The Evening Rig uses to its advantage throughout its second album, Is Doin’ Stuff. On this set of heartland reminiscences, The Evening Rig takes the throat-searing intensity of Jason Miller’s prior band, pop-punkers The Crush, and sets it atop vastly different sonic terrain: a pleasing mix of 'Mats-styled rumble and acoustic bar-room weepers. Whether going full-throttle or humming along in a lower gear, Miller’s songs stick to what he knows—bar rooms, broken hearts, and nights of teenage debauchery gone by. It’s a formula The Hold Steady has ridden to massive success, and although Miller’s not quite Craig Finn's equal as a wordsmith (who is?), his band possesses equally meaty hooks."

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanks TC Metro!


Check out the top right...

"The Bombay Sweets’ Doin’ the Jerk at Dawn b/w Breath Control (Heart of a Champion); $5.99 at Treehouse Records Because this local one-man band (Nathan Grumdahl, a veteran of the Dynamiters and Selby Tigers) has recorded a 45 rpm formula for melting away the winter blahs: surf music + garage pop + bright orange vinyl = happy."

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Evening Rig

Sunday, November 28

@ The Frequency in Madison, WI