Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Yup, You Can Follow Us On Twitter


(Sorry, no fancy pictures for this post)

Attention Record Stores!

You can now contact CHICAGO INDEPENDENT DISTRIBUTION to order our newest releases!

The Evening Rig - NEW SHOWS POSTED

The Evening Rig have a few new shows lined up ... go check 'em out!

08/28/09: Sauce, MPLS MN

10/16/09: The Hexagon, MPLS MN

10/17/09: Pizza Luce Duluth, Duluth MN

...And a warm congratulation to Jake Jarpey of The Evening Rig who recently tied the knot with the lovely and amazing Amy Gahlon. Next time you see Jake buy him a drink or five.

(Photo: Kris Drake)


We are beyond excited to be working with The Dexateens! Heart of a Champion is going to release "LOST AND FOUND" ON VINYL in late 2009!

Check out The Dexateens and their older albums released on Skybucket Records ("HARDWIRE HEALING" and "RED DUST RISING"), find them on Myspace, friend them on Facebook and start savin' those pennies to pick up the vinyl copy of LOST AND FOUND!

We'll send out more updates as they come along...

It's Been A While ... But We've Got NEW Updates! First, THE GRABS

To all who follow us locally, on Facebook, Myspace, pick up our records, find us on iTunes, attend the shows of our artists and stop by Tree House Records to say "Hello!" ...

I (Kate) finally moved to the Twin Cities and now it'll be even easier to work with Dan on new Heart of a Champion releases -- and we've got two amazing records lined up!

First we've got a new release from THE GRABS (www.thegrabs.com)! The New LP, "Political Disco" is coming out in late 2009 on Heart of a Champion. You can check out their older tunes from their first album, "Sex, Fashion and Money" on their myspace page. We are really excited to work with such a talented group of musicians: Ms. Eleni Mandell, Steve Gregoropolous (from W.A.C.O & Lavender Diamond), Nigel Harrison (Blondie) and Elvira Gonzalez (ex-Silversun Pickups).

Find 'em on Facebook and friend them, too. You'll be able to get all the latest information and news about the band and record. Stay connected!