Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Evening Rig &!

The Evening Rig  CD/LP/7" now available at  - Check it out!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mike Gunther highly featured on Monday's Mischke Mix

T.D. Mischke played five Mike Gunther songs on his show Monday

You can download Monday's show here.

The Evening Rig & Chooglin' now available on iTunes!

That's right, now those of you who prefer to purchase your music as dashes and zeroes instead of vinyl can own the newest Heart of a Champion releases!

The Evening Rig - Is Doin' Stuff

Chooglin' - Nice Place, Nice Party, Nice Folks

Monday, April 20, 2009

Jersey Beat review of "Is Doin' Stuff"

Another great review of The Evening Rig Is Doin' Stuff, this one from Chris Mattern of Jersey Beat:

This really is some good pop music. I don't generally get into this sort of thing, but The Evening Rig, hailing from Minneapolis Minnesota write great songs, and play them in a manner that isn't necessarily aggressive, but isn't wimpy either, and I like it! Vocalist Jason Miller has a great warm voice, and much like all great pop song writers The Evening Rig know how to construct a memorable chorus. “The Hilltop Pines” is probably one of the best pure pop songs I have heard in ages and reminds me of The Replacements meets John Mellencamp. Jason has one of those addicting voices that make you want to hang onto every word he sings. Reminiscent of 90's power pop like Placebo and Urge Overkill, but urgent and modern enough to keep my interest, The Evening Rig's sophomore effort is a solid record with very little filler. A few of the later tracks such as “A Girl Important” take you down a folky almost country, (but not too country) road, and segue beautifully back into catchy up beat pop rock. While “Goddamn I Could Use A Drink” gives us a glimpse of a band that understands the pop beauty that can be found in simple raw blues progressions. “We Got Tonight” is the perfect closer to this surprisingly awesome pop journey. I'd suggest this record to anyone that can appreciate great song writing, simple yet impressive musicianship, and likes to tone it down and relax to some soothing yet edgy pop tunes from time to time.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Ghost of Sean Arthur Peterson opening for The Devil Makes Three!

The Ghost of Sean Arthur Peterson has their real show in quite a while, and it's a good one! They'll be opening for The Devil Makes Three at the 7th Street Entry on Wednesday, June 3. We are stoked!

GSAP has been busy recording their long-awaited (at least by us!) debut album with Mark Stockert. Stay tuned for details on that.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Evening Rig on How Was The Show Podcast

Check out the latest podcast from How Was The Show! They play "Goddamn, I Could Use a Drink," gush about Is Doin' Stuff, and reminisce about the record release show from a couple weeks back. A fun listen! Thanks to Pat O'Brien, David de Young, and the rest of the crew over there for all of their awesome support on this record!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Chooglin' on The Big Get-Even

Great Chooglin' profile on The Big Get-Even this weekend! Check it out here. Fully Rigged

Star Tribune/'s Chris Riemenschneider just posted this review of the record release show and preview of the More Cowbell 5th Anniversary Show:

With beer cans and a faux-beer logo on their CD jacket and new tracks called "Bartender" and "Goddamn, I Could Use a Drink," the Evening Rig could have gone onstage sloppy drunk for their CD party last Saturday in the Entry and cemented their reputation as a next-wave Replacements. Instead, the quartet played the songs on its new album "Is Doing Stuff" with intensity and heart, especially the urgent twang-rocker "The Steve McQueens," which deserves ample radio play. Frontman Jason Miller sounded apologetic when he said, "We're going to slow it down," but mellower tunes such as "Half Asleep" also came off beautifully. The Rig's next show is the fifth anniversary show next Thursday at the Turf.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

MPR: Eleni Mandell live in-studio on The Current

Eleni Mandell performed three songs live in-studio at The Current while in the Twin Cities last week. Click here to listen!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Purchase the new releases!

The new releases from The Evening Rig and Chooglin' are finally available on our website! Please visit the store at to order!