Wednesday, February 2, 2000

Hidden Chord 7" reviewed in Skyscraper

Our Hidden Chord 7", along with their simultaneous 7" on Modern Radio, was reviewed in Skyscraper #7 (Spring 2000):

Another new band featuring "former members of" another mid-Nineties post-hardcore great is THE HIDDEN CHORD. The Minneapolis quartet, who boasts former members of Ordination of Aaron (as well as members of Killsadie and The Misfires), has debuted themselves with a pair of impressive seven-inches (Heart of a Champion/Modern Radio). Their roots-rock pop is full of clean hooks, spirited earnestness, and streamlined rock power. It's gutsy rock that's hard and mean and slightly noisy, yet supremely melodic with a Sixties-meets-Eighties feel. Adding more slick, tongue-in-cheek cool to the post-hardcore scene.