Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Who Am Us Anyway Blog - The Evening Rig

MONDAY, JUNE 1, 2009

Just downloaded the new album from The Evening Rig, a band that grew up in & is still based in my very own little town -- but which I needed an East Coast blogger to clue me into. The blogger in question, Mister Mule, says although he’s very much into the band, he isn’t crazy about the particular performance of the lead-off song from that album that is captured in the video below, to which one might well reply: wow, tough audience!

So you be the judge of whether this vid deserves multiple clicks of the old YouTube replay button because I say it does and this surely makes it so? But anyway, hat tip to Mister Mule, & now I’m off to the Cities for one last big honking Whoamusanyway rooftop garden B-Day drink with Ms. Whoamusanyway on account of, I’m back home AND another year older, all at once.

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