Friday, February 20, 2009

Minneapolis/St. Paul City Pages - The Evening Rig

Check out the great write up in City Pages.
Thanks to Andrea Swensson and Alexa Jones!

The Evening Rig announce forthcoming album

Tuesday, Feb. 10 2009

Photo by Alexa Jones

Fans of local bar rock band the Evening Rig will be delighted to hear that the group is releasing their next album, Is Doin' Stuff, on March 27 at the Entry. The hardworking folks over at Switchblade Comb have an exclusive preview track from the forthcoming album, so head over there to sample "The Hilltop Pines."Personally, I was most excited to catch a glimpse of the new album artwork, which is a continuation of the vintage photograph theme that they started with their debut album, 2007's Never Been'er.
There's something about these old photographs that captures the Evening Rig's worn-in, beer-soaked sound perfectly. Here's a graphic of the new album cover:

evening rig doin stuff.jpg
And here's their first album cover, for comparison:

evening rig never beener.jpg
Check out the link:

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